Our Promise to Tomorrow...Inspiring and Empowering Today's Children

School Closing or Delay Information

If there is any kind of closing or delay for the local schools, we will have no morning programming at the Boys & Girls Club or KidsCare* that day either.
If the local school is closed, we will not have our afternoon programming either.

*If a delay isn't called until AFTER the time that our KidsCare programming starts, we will go ahead with our programming since our staff is already on-site.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County have been serving children in Indiana since 1956. Even then, community leaders recognized the importance of providing support to our children. Today's children are maturing in a more complicated world than existed many years ago. And while all are challenged, too many face circumstances that seriously jeopardize their healthy development. But none are without hope! Our four Elkhart County Clubs are now serving over 3,000 youth, ages 6 through 18.

Mentoring - A Relationship That Lasts
Somewhere at the Boys & Girls Club is a child that needs you. Struggling in school or just hoping to have someone to talk with, there is a Club member wishing they had someone to look up to. You can be that difference maker in the life of a young child, forming a lasting relationship by volunteering your time once a week. Your strength and character can guide a young person further in the right direction. Partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County to make that happen. For more information, contact Teresa Watson at twatson@bgcgoshen.org or via phone at 574.534.5933.

This institution provides snacks for our members daily and is an equal opportunity provider.